"Emerging Market Fund of the Year" ACQ5 Awards '15

About Us

The Phoenix Capital Group of companies includes Phoenix Global Wealth Management, a Nevada corporation headquartered in the Cayman Islands built to manage a variety of indices and financial products. Phoenix Global Wealth Management caters to investors based in the United States, Asia, and around the globe, and boasts a basket of compelling products that cannot be found anywhere else.

Phoenix Capital, a Cayman Islands exempted company that offers investment and financial advisory services, and recipient of the 2015 Emerging Markets Fund of the Year award From Acquisition Finance Magazine.  Founded by a group of investment managers, analysts and traders, our goal is to provide access to the most promising companies around the globe and pick both the right companies to invest in and the right approach in trading and execution.

Formed with the simple idea that so much of what passes for analysis in markets is inaccurate. Both traditional technical and fundamental analysis of stocks and companies are deeply flawed, as are the dominant economic models. Cutting out the noise of bad information yields investment analysis that is clear, concise and actionable.