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The Big Trade Series - Episode 32

Chris Martenson, an economic researcher, futurist and co-founder of peakprosperity.com joins The Big Trade Series. Peter and Chris start out talking about resource depletion, Chris shares his thought about whether the technological innovations can beat the resource depletion on various case studies. They then shifts to Chris’s Crash Course video series, the two delve into the synopsis of economic paradigm in this series and discuss some the big trends that happened recently. Chris continues by sharing his perspective on geopolitics. The conversation concludes with a discussion on oil industry and shale revolution.

The Big Trade Series - Episode 31

Michael Oliver, sole proprietor of MomentumStructural Analysis, joins the conversation. Michael begins by sharing his trading methodology and shows how he observes changing trends. The discussion delves into technical analysis, with a particular focus on time periods. Peter then discusses his trading strategy as laid out in “The Big Trade”. Michael quickly gives his opinion on trends in the Shanghai market, currency markets including the Euro, and Yen and discusses commodity markets like gold and silver. The conversation concludes with a synopsis on Michael's book “The New Libertarianism: Anarcho - Capitalism”.