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The Big Trade Series - Episode 34

Marin Katusa joins The Big Trade Series for a Game of Thrones-esque discussion on geopolitics. Marin begins the conversation by recounting the stories he covered in his book “The Colder War” and providing updates to those stories. The discussion progresses into geopolitics, covering the dispute in South China Sea, oil and gas, and military contracts. Marin explains why Putin has such a strong hold on Russia and Putin’s long term strategy to make Russia a global superpower. The two shift to discuss the influence of the BRICS Bank and their reserve currency. Peter then shares his thoughts on ISIS’ revenue generating system as a black swan. Marin concludes the conversation by discussing his approach to investing.

The Big Trade Series - Episode 33

It’s the fight of the century as Peter squares off with Marc Lichtenfeld of The Oxford Club in an attempt to settle the debate of the merits of technical analysis versus Peter’s own methodology laid out in “The Big Trade”. Peter gets the action underway by giving an overview of the topic of his book and the strategy outlined within the book. Marc puts Peter on the ropes with a flurry of questions relating to the underlying data in Peter’s methodology. Peter responds with a devastating combination of reification and multistability leaving the fight very much in the balance with just a few rounds remaining. Was this a TKO or is it a judges decision? Tune in to find out and email us info@phx-cap.com or #bigtrade to weight in your thoughts.