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The Big Trade Series - Episode 38

Dan Ferris joins The Big Trade Series for the second installment of a two-part discussion on valuation metrics. To begin, Dan talks about how he made his controversial call to sell Berkshire Hathaway last year. This is followed by a discussion on MFC Industrial’s business as a global supply chain company. The two then share their thoughts on the vertical integration of certain companies and the way to evaluate them. Dan mentions some aspects that a company needs to cover to be attractive to investors, and they wrap up the conversation with a discussion on politics and economics.

The Big Trade Series - Episode 37

Dan Ferris, editor of Stansberry Research’s monthly “Extreme Value” newsletter joins “The Big Trade Series” for part one of a two-part discussion. Dan starts off by introducing his “World Dominator” stocks that have income streams that never decline. After that, the two discuss Dan’s stock picking criteria and how it can be applied to the technology industry and specific stocks including Apple, IBM, Microsoft, and Intel. They mention interest rate hikes and how such a hike might affect IBM’s income and Microsoft’s capital allocation strategy. The conversation shifts into many aspects on free cash flow analysis, and a discussion on M&A strategies of the big players in the technology industry wraps up part one of the episode.