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The Big Trade Series - Episode 4

Peter talks with Victor Ricciardi, behavioral finance expert and author of Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing. Peter and Mr. Ricciardi cover a series of topics as they pertain to behavioral finance, including psychological trends in investing and how to apply behavioral finance to current markets. Mr. Ricciardi offers some tips to as to how to differentiate oneself from herd thinking and how to use behavioral finance to one’s advantage. 

The Big Trade Series - Episode 3

Peter and Mr. Dorsch discuss the impact of oligarchs and bureaucrats and their place within the global economy. They discuss the global wealth gap and access to capital markets across income levels. Mr. Dorsch talks about his views on global currencies and the effects of interest rates and the Federal Reserve. They tie in aspects of part two with their previous discussion on oil and commodities in part one.