"Emerging Market Fund of the Year" ACQ5 Awards '15


The Big Trade Series - Episode 40

Tom Ruby, strategist and CEO of Bluegrass Critical Thinking Solutions joins The Big Trade Series for a two-part conversation. Peter and Tom start off by talking about strategies based on limited resources. The two then delve to various topics including strategies for startups, the difference in mind set between the East and the West, and various determinants of individual and business success. After that, Peter shares some tactics that he uses to do business in Vietnam, particularly relating to taking advantage of digital marketing. They then discuss how to use quantitative analysis in trading and how this method works in predicting market crises. Part one of the conversation concludes with a discussion on the OODA Loop and Sun Tzu strategy applied to business.

The Big Trade Series - Episode 39

Rob Koepp, a writer and director of The Economist Corporate Network joins The Big Trade Series for a wonderful conversation on China economy. Rob starts off by explaining the Chinese stock market situation. The two then share their thoughts on the boom in China equities in the recent years, Peter quickly provides his views on the sustainability of the growth of the economy, Rob talks about the opportunities in this market turmoil by bringing his bottom-up analysis approach. After that, they delve into various topics including market liberalization in the central planned economy, the surge of Chinese IPOs on US stocks market in 2009, reverse merger mechanics. They conclude the conversation by a discussion on asymmetric information in financial market.