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The Big Trade Series - Episode 42

George Ure, founder of urbansurvival.com and peoplenomics.com and co-founder of Web Bot joins The Big Trade Series. George starts the conversation by talking about the story of his Web Bot project, his insights into forecasting and predicting the market and the evolution of aggregate indices in regards to both the global and the U.S. market. The two then delve into the parameters and merits of index construction. George quickly provides his thoughts on on-balance volume indicator by Joe Granville and Peter shares his approach to price and volume in trading and gives some examples of his work. The discussion progresses to psychology and linguistics analysis applied to financial markets. George concludes the conversation by sharing his ideas on the Shemitah as a human perception problem.

The Big Trade Series - Episode 41

Tom Ruby sits down with Peter for another tactful conversation on strategic planning. To begin part two, Peter talks about how to cut out of the noise of bad information in decision-making. Tom then shares his experience with his consultant business. This is followed by a discussion on their mutual interest in the military science fiction novel, Ender’s Game, which was transformed into a movie in 2013. The discussion then progresses to cover social trends in regards to personal expertise. After that, Tom talks about his greatest strategists and their tactics used in warfare. The conversation concludes with few helpful strategy tidbits shared by Tom.